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We at XM.7 Digital are looking to help the young talent here in Memphis as well as around the globe. Hey, I been where you are, I knew that I had songs and material that could have propelled me to the next level in my music career. However, I never got that break that I needed. But now at this time I am proud to be part of XM.7 Digital’s Global Hype Program. It’s designed to help unknown and independent artist to get that break into mainstream AirPlay. Now my readers, this is no Pay-for-Play* service. Only good songs that deserves limited AirPlay through the Global Hype Program which could leads to mainstream AirPlay. So join me beginning at 3:00 pm CST on Wednesday at XM.7 Digital. Looking forward to hear from you, but most of all playing your Good Songs!

Artists email me your songs it must meet the following criteria

    1. MP3 Format

           2. Radio Edits Only

                              3. Include a BIO or a Presskit.

4. a Photo

            Email Address:

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