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30 secs. or 60 secs. commercial spots up to 10 plays per day starting at $1.65 per play at any time slot 3 to 4 days a week. These are Promotional Sales prices for a limited time only. Also, you can purchase our Promotional Bonus Packages with audio and banners included starting at $199 monthly. You may choose your promotion Locally, Regional, National, or Globally. That’s Right ! You choose which package is best suited for your businessYou can also choose a more Professional Package that includes Pre-Roll Banners, Pre-Roll Video, On Demand Audio, plus an Coupon Button set up. This Professional Package begins at $149 at a very low and comparable entry-level price. We will beat any company prices. Remember these prices are for a “LIMITED TIME ONLY” at XM.7DIGITAL Marketing and Sales Department. 

Mobile & Website Banner
Leader Board: This banner is usually displayed at the bottom of the playlist and simultaneously with your mobile banner on your iPhone or Android and synchronized with your audio plug. Standard cost is $75.00.
Format is 720 * 90 pixels
Mid-Page: This is displayed in the middle of the page. It can contain graphics as well as video content, and is synchronized with your audio ads. Standard cost is $75.00, and $99.00 for a video stream.
Format is 300 * 250 pixels
Media Banner: This is displayed across your mobile phone in conjunction with any graphic or audio relevant to your company. Standard cost is $55.00
Format is 1280 * 200
Our marketing department will need your final Advertising Graphic in GIF, JPG or Flash SWF format, not to exceed 49 Kilobits each. Your banners can be linked to your business URL or any site pertinent to your Company. A one-time setup fee of $25 will be charged to any banners of your choice. You will not be charged in the future if you decide to use this banner again. We also offer graphic services if you currently do not have one at an additional cost.




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